STANDARDS of compliance and transparency

The Kimirina Corporation since its creation has been closely committed to all issues related to good practices through the sum of ideas, decisions, creativity and solidarity as key options that lead us to greatly improve our work towards the goal of mitigate the impact of the HIV epidemic, and especially decrease the new number of HIV infections in key populations and the general population in Ecuador. All the working principles of Kimirina are based on the Code of Good Practice of organizations working on HIV-AIDS, under which the mobilization of resources, accountability, work with quality, accumulate experience and technical knowledge to apply the more effective methods for good programming, monitoring and evaluation of our activities, as well as supporting organizational development for sustainability.

STANDARDS of quality

Kimirina understands quality as compliance with laws, regulations, technical standards; efficient use of human and material resources; generation of innovative and efficient solutions. All Kimirina processes: research, knowledge generation and management, programmatic intervention or management, advocacy and communication, resource generation and support processes such as administrative and financial management; they manage their own quality standards, both in their planning, as well as in their execution, in the monitoring and in the supervision and evaluation of results. Regarding the main or strategic processes of the institution, Kimirina works under a principle of research for action, that is, interventions are carried out based on validated scientific and community information. The execution of the interventions is executed based on plans, schedules and budgets where efficiency is managed in four axes: quality, quantity, cost and schedule and where solutions are sought to be innovative and cutting edge. In administrative and financial management, Kimirina is subject to laws, rules and regulations of the Ecuadorian State, internal policies and manuals, policies of its cooperators. Additionally, based on a transparency policy, it is subject to annual external audits and permanent review of the use of resources by donors.

Ethical COMMITMENT in research and conflicts of interest

Kimirina, within the framework of its institutional mission, prioritizes the implementation of research projects aimed at generating new knowledge of an interdisciplinary nature and in alliance with essential international and national partners to advance in solving global problems. In general terms, at the international level there is a set of policies, regulations and good practices that tend to identify, prevent, mitigate and resolve the existence of conflicts of interest that may be harmful to obtaining research results, the same ones that Kimirina adopts. In its whole. The research carried out by the Kimirina Corporation must be objective and free from all kinds of prejudices that may affect its quality, so that the research is a significant contribution to the generation and transfer of key knowledge for the generation of public policy and development. and implementation of programs that contribute substantially to solutions that affect the health of the key population and the general population in the country.

WE WORK for excellence

The Kimirina Corporation is committed to the contractual conditions with our donors, suppliers, partners and beneficiaries of our services, and our concern is not only continuous improvement, but also complying with all ethical standards and principles, good governance and accountability. . We are open to listen and resolve all concerns directly and give a timely response to all our interlocutors, so we have enabled a direct line through which you can communicate with us, we will always be grateful for the trust placed in our services. and products.

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